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We are a dynamic, transparent and responsive consultancy striving to help ambitious construction companies operate safely, effectively and profitably.

What types of companies do you help?

We primarily work with ambitious construction companies that fulfil the client, principal contractor and subcontractor roles. This includes companies that specialise in design & build, fit-out, solar, scaffolding, joinery, MEP, civils, utilities and many more.

What size companies do you help?

At Principal Compliance, we typically work with construction companies with a turnover of between £2m to £45m; this is our sweet spot. However, we have worked with smaller and larger companies.

What people do you work with, and what problems do you solve?

We typically work with Directors and Senior Leaders who are frustrated with health, safety, sustainability and quality compliance being a bottleneck to progress; they’re tired of jumping through hoops to please their stakeholders yet recognise that compliance is paramount and understand that falling short can be devastating to their people and reputation.

Even with support from their team, they struggle to keep on top of compliance, leaving no space to do the bare minimum, let alone improve it. They wish it was integrated, digital and ran smoother.

Others are already subscribed to a consultancy but are unhappy with the service they have received. This tends to be due to poor quality or generic services, unresponsiveness, or they’re not a good fit for the business. We solve these problems and many more…

I don't fit, can you still help me?

We sometimes take on clients who sit outside the construction sector, such as landscaping, manufacturing, quarrying, offices and more. If they’ve got the problems we solve, the right attitude to solve them, and the commitment, we often choose to help support their needs.

If you think we would be a good fit for your business, just let us know, and we’ll discuss it with you.

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