Rethinking Health & Safety Support

You need a clear and actionable strategy with an effective operating model to ensure outsourced health and safety support delivers real long-term business benefits.

Outsourcing health and safety support is the preferable option for SMEs. However, most outsourced approaches are disproportionate, costly and/or ineffective that crucially do not reduce the risk of injury or ill-health at work. Our construction sector-specific framework can help you embed health and safety in every facet of your overarching strategy and operations.

Across the UK, businesses spend thousands each year on site visits, audits, risk assessments, training, and the like – and much of that money is wasted. That’s because most health and safety activities happen in a vacuum. Activities are carried out, reports are provided and the cycle repeats itself; rarely is there a strategy, direction, clear objectives or clarity on performance. 

Given the increasing pressures put on the construction sector and the growing demands of stakeholders due to the global construction market forecast to grow by over 70% by 2025, whilst remaining the most hazardous sector accounting for almost 30% of all UK fatal injuries to workers, we believe that a strategic approach to managing health and safety that delivers real business benefits is now even more important than ever.

Execution without strategy is aimless.

The Principal Framework is the bedrock of what we install into businesses. We are passionate about the power of a great framework. But we are also pragmatic about your specific needs, aspirations, time and budget, which will determine the components you need to achieve your goals.
We won’t waste time telling you what you already know or replacing what’s working well. We will simply deploy the right products and services where they will genuinely add value. It’s a tailored approach that gets you what you need when you need it.
Principal Framework

1. Strategy

Our experience shows that positive health and safety outcomes are not sustainable or cost-effective without an effective strategy.
Implementing an effective strategy starts with defining your point of departure. This means we need to understand where your company is now, your constraints, and what your company wants to achieve. We will set a clear direction, objectives, targets, and actions over the short, medium, and long term to ensure that health and safety delivers long-term benefits.

2. Foundations

The foundations of your health and safety function are a combination of business-aligned processes, technology, and expertise. Once a strategic direction has been defined, we will implement a balanced, user-friendly health and safety management system to ensure your business manages risk proportionately, meets statutory requirements and stakeholder expectations efficiently.

3. Assurance

We use technology and foreword-thinking methods to deliver assurance activities, providing you with clarity that your health and safety arrangements, processes and controls are appropriately applied and continue to achieve their intended purpose across your operations. We will not just identify problems, but we will help you understand what caused them and what changes are needed to address them.

4. Support

To survive and thrive in today’s climate, you don’t just need to adapt: you need to adapt quickly and effectively, again and again. With continuous advice and guidance from our experts, our health and safety support function enables you to keep pace with shifting industry boundaries, navigate new and emerging risks, and unpredictable change or disruption.

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