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Principal compliance is an independent consultancy, specialising in construction health, safety, sustainability and quality management.
At Principal Compliance, we provide health, safety, sustainability and quality management solutions to ambitious small-medium-sized companies in the construction sector throughout the southeast. We help them solve day-to-day operational challenges to minimise risks, create efficiencies and exploit opportunities to enhance their reputation. Our support enables our clients to operate safely, effectively and profitably.

Why us?

Unfortunately, very few compliance consultancies specifically serve the construction sector, which is a problem. This leads to companies receiving generic services and advice, wasting time and money on solutions that fail to integrate with the company and deliver no real value or solve their specific problems. Many of our clients came to us after experiencing these issues.

Our company, solutions, and people are aligned with the construction sector to bring you specialist support over and above what the “average” consultancy with no speciality would bring. “We speak your language.”

We have a proven track record for offering a responsive, modern and refreshingly uncomplicated approach to compliance. We aim to fully manage your compliance function (where budgets allow), utilising cloud technology where required, and continually strive to ensure our clients feel confident at all times.

Our clients repeatedly seek advice from us because they recognise and trust the value we bring to their projects and their companies.

Our Founder

I formed Principal Compliance in 2020 after numerous senior HSEQ roles in small-medium-sized businesses in the construction sector, having left the Military in 2014.

After experiencing the questionable practices and services throughout the industry delivered by other consultancies and professionals, I found a need for a better alternative – a specialist construction HSEQ consultancy that avoided generic approaches, provided fully managed solutions and was driven by strong values and standards.

The construction sector is highly competitive and high risk, there is no place for generic approaches

And so, Principal Compliance was founded. We continue to innovate, streamline and improve our services with our client’s best interests at heart. I am proud to say that we have come a long way and continue to grow year on year.

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Dan Griffiths, Managing Director Dan is the Founder and Managing Director of Principal Compliance. A veteran of the British Army, Dan has spent the last decade working in senior HSEQ capacities in the construction sector. He is an active member of the Association for Project Safety (APS) and the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).

Our mission is to help businesses operate safely, effectively & profitably.

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